Middle School Fine & Related Arts

Glogster Museum Art Project

Using a picture that they choose from a museum website, each student will create a story that imagines what the picture is about. . . this “snapshot” in time that has been created by the artist. Students should pick a picture that they are able to easily imagine and create a meaningful story to.

Each story will have a plot, characters, and setting. The teacher will model how to observe a piece of art work for clues as to what the work might be about, looking at the explicit visual information and the implied. A Bubble Map will be used by each student to use adjectives to describe the information they glean from their picture. They will then brainstorm to determine the implied plot, characters, and setting. Using a Sequence Map they will “map out” the sequence of events in the story. After the final draft of their story and the museum picture has been transferred to the Glogster site, students will use the tools of the site to make a poster that enhances their story and art choice.